About Running Momentum Co. - Momentum Running Co.
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About Running Momentum Co.

Our awesome shop

We are Momentum Running Co., a locally owned and operated running specialty store in Laredo, TX.  As locals and athletes, we value your trust in us and will go the extra mile to meet your expectations.  We offer the best products, service, training programs, events, and comprehensive knowledge to serve the running and fitness oriented community. If you are looking for athletic apparel,  GPS watches, accessories, foam rollers, triathlon suits, nutrition, swimming googles, reading material,  or running shoes in Laredo, we have it!

Our superior service

At Momentum our mission is to facilitate the growth of the running and fitness community through retail and community experiences in an effort to educate and advance fitness levels. Whether You run, lift, train or play, we got the Shoe For You

Welcome to the Momentum Family!!

“We Live For The Moment, We Run With Momentum”

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